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Orphan Black


Cult hit show Orphan Black was just renewed for a fourth season and its break out star, Tatiana Maslany was recently interviewed by Deadline about the series. Maslany plays several characters in Orphan Black, a group of cloned women trying to live normal lives despite the danger presented to them from the evil scientific corporation that created them, factions that have split, religious terrorists, a fatal malfunction in their DNA and more.


Maslany not only keeps up with all of these story lines her characters weave in and around, she does it so deftly and with such preternatural skill, you find yourself forgetting all these women are played by just one person. It truly is amazing and fans have been furious that no awards recognition has yet been attributed to the series. Maslany was asked how she feels about being snubbed, to which she replied:


I think television is the place that all of the unique characters are coming from right now. I think it’s a societal thing, and I think that women are really stepping into a place of power in TV, in terms of all leading series, ‘Olive Kitteridge’ or ‘House Of Cards’ or ‘Orange Is The New Black’. I mean all these series that are helmed by women. I just don’t think that my performance is… I think that I’m really lucky to have the job I do, and any actor would dive at it the way I do. But TV right now is where women are just killing it, I think“.


Humble words from the talented actress who is clearly reluctant to sing her own praises and is proud of the other actresses receiving acclaim. SCI-FY and fantasy shows have never been taken as seriously as drama when it comes to awards and this is somewhat archaic and not completely reflective of what audiences want to see. Now is an important time for both women and creativity allowed by major leaps and bounds in special effects – the scenes where we see the Orphan Black clones together are seemless. It is a shame that the show has been looked over once again for an Emmy but it did receive a SAG nomination earlier this year so hopefully the tides are turning.



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