Taylor Swift and Andrew Lloyd Webber Team Up For ‘Beautiful Ghosts’ | Music News


International star Taylor Swift and musical theatre composer Andrew Lloyd Webber have teamed up to write a new song titled “Beautiful Ghosts”. The song will be featured in the upcoming movie adaptation of the 1981 musical Cats.


Taylor Swift is already set to appear in the film as the character of Bombalurina, but her contribution won’t evidently stop here, since the new track is said to appear at least three times throughout the movie. Firstly, it will be sung by Francesca Hayward, who plays Victoria (one one the main characters). Successively, it will be performed by Judi Dench, as Old Deuteronomy, before reappearing under the end titles in Taylor Swift’s version.


Lloyd Webber talks about the origins of ‘Beautiful Ghosts’ in a video: “When I first read the screenplay and it seems the film is seen through Victoria’s eyes, first thing I said was, ‘We have to have a song for Victoria’. It’s an incredibly important, central part of the whole film”.


The song was reportedly written “pretty much over an afternoon” as Webber said. Tailor had joined the composer during the movie’s filming to rehearse another song titled “Macavity the Mystery Cat”. Suddenly, when Webber played the instrumentals of another track, Swift ended up writing the lyrics of the new song.


Tailor managed to keep with the spirit of the rest of the musical, not positioning the song just as a hit single. Lloyd Webber praised the pop star for her contribution: “Taylor got to the essence of what the piece is about. It’s not an ordinary lyric”.




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