‘Teen Wolf’ Season 4 Finale – Smoke And Mirrors | TV Review


In this weeks finale episode of Teen Wolf season four, everything comes to a dangerous halt between the Bad, Good and the Supernatural. The question isn’t about winning or losing anymore. It’s about who will survive and who wont. The fight is on… As fans edge a little closer on their seats not knowing what to expect, wondering and questioning if their favorite will live to see another season, as Teen Wolf is known for its tradition of killing off characters in the finale.


Especially with Teen Wolf’s most fearful and suave villains returning at the top of their game, to take down the gang. With the help of the Berserkers, and a motive to kill Scott McCall, everything seems to be going their way, with the gang not knowing what they are up against. Especially with Scott’s new look and Derek in his mortal form awaiting his predicted death only to be attacked by a berserker leaving him wounded, fans worst fear are starting to come true.


Liam is learning to control himself on a full moon and confront his worst fears, and the berserkers and Stiles are still not able to figure out the ‘what and whys’ of what exactly is going on. As Lydia is kept confined by a berserker back at the school, mason realizes that Beacon Hills is not as normal and boring as he thought. As all this is happening, Kira is trying to find a way to get to the gang, after getting stabbed by her one and only boyfriend Scott McCall (not cool) – it doesn’t seem to be looking good for her or their relationship. The defining moment to watch will be the great showdown between Scott and Peter, as a fight to the finish ensues.


The episode is all about control, pain and strength, power and resilience in its truest form. Everything that makes it a Teen Wolf finale. It shows us that killing is never the answer even if all the signs are telling you otherwise. It’s only the easier option and Scott McCall doesn’t do easy, neither does he kill. The show also tells us never to give up and to fight for your friends and a cause, and also to do something you believe in, or at least die trying. If you haven’t seen this episode yet, go check it out and make your own deductions. Teen Wolf has been renewed for a fifth season and will return to the small screens next year.



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