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The new single from Teen Daze is pretty special, it is titled “Reykjavik, January 2015” and is testament to the fact that Teen Daze has matured from its humble bedroom-project beginnings, to a fully-formed, diverse, musical expression. The single serves as the lead track for his upcoming EP titled A World Away. Along with the EP which is due to be released on January 13, 2015, Teen Daze is embarking on an European and UK tour to support the EP release, from January 14 to January 31, 2015. Listen to “Reykjavik, January 2015” below, and read what Teen Daze has to say about the EP.


“A World Away was written throughout most of last year, mostly as sonic experiments outside of the work I was doing on my next proper LP. It was recorded at my home studio outside of Vancouver, BC. My main goal with this release was to create something that lived somewhere between the new age and ambient music I was entrenched in, with more straight-ahead electronic music. I’ve always loved the idea of creating music that I could hear at a club, but also fall asleep to. This EP is an experimentation in that concept” – Teen Daze




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