Tegan And Sara – BWU | Music Video



Tegan And Sara‘s “BWU” is a love song with a twist. It stands proud against convention, and reminds listeners that marriage isn’t the only option where a relationship is concerned. This is why the song’s music video features Sara Quin proposing to people with an empty ring box.


Speaking to Rolling Stone in June regarding the track (and gay marriage), Quin states: “I, personally, don’t want to be married. I don’t have any interest in that sort of social hierarchy, where if you’re not married then your relationship is not as significant as people who are”.


You can read a more in-depth statement by Quin over at Entertainment Weekly, and “BWU” director Clea DuVall also discusses the song and the video.


Watch the music video for “BWU”, taken from Tegan And Sara’s June album Love You To Death, below:




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