Tel Aviv Collective Lucille Crew Release New Single ‘Gold Bars’

The new single “Gold Bars” from the global groove collective Lucille Crew is being released. The first song from their next album serves as a reminder of why they are the hardest band out there.

The song Gold Bars is about success, the pursuit of it, the absence of it, and what success entails.

The song makes the analogy between musical bars and gold bars to represent achievement in the music business. How your art may go from being the objective to bringing the tool, and where artists are chasing their “gold bars.”

“Gold Bars” is just what you need, featuring some incredible vocals from Gal De Paz and Snowflake Black, along with a powerful beat and aggressive horns.
A multinational groove group with a Tel Aviv-based Lucille Crew led by Isgav Dotan, a producer, and founder. The group combines elements of hip-hop, soul, funk, influences from the Balkans and the Mediterranean, and all that is good about music.

Lucille Crew has performed at major festivals all around the world and has shared stages with performers like Mac Miller, Mano Chao, Prodigy, and others throughout their history and working together with anyone who inspires them. From a variety of rappers and singers performing live to animators and graphic designers creating their distinctive music videos and artwork.

The most recent album by Lucille Crew, titled “SLOWBURN,” came out in March 2020, soon before Covid broke out and its tour was cut short after just two performances. The record nevertheless received over 1M streams on digital platforms despite this.

The Lucille Crew are currently working on their tenth-anniversary album, the first single of which is Gold Bars.

Watch the new music video for “Gold Bars” below!


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