Tel Aviv Songstress Liav Hezkiya Releases New Single ‘For Better Days’ | Music News


Introducing Tel Aviv based singer and songwriter Liav Hezkiya with her brand new single titled “For Better Days“, which was created with Mor Opfer and Yuval Bigel, is taken from the recently released compilation album titled Isolated, and serves as a precursor to her forthcoming solo debut EP due for release later this year.


With jazz, soul and R&B music foundations, her middle eastern heritage serving as strong influences, and inspiration from the likes of Lauryn Hill, Aretha Franklin and Billie Holiday, Liav Hezkiya not only creates her own music, but she is also a music event and concert producer.


Her childhood, characterised by a household blasting Italian, Portuguese, jazz and classical music, has had a huge impact on her musical styles today. She was also a professional ballet dancer, and enrolled in a jazz group at a leading arts school through high school, with her music continuing to draw inspiration from jazz music and culture.


After two years in the army, Liav has dived head first into her music career over the past 24 months, and is currently studying music production at the Rimon School of Music, and also has a business promoting indie culture and music in Tel Aviv.


According to Liav, “For Better Days” is a “song full of hope. the song observes the daly situations from an optimistic point of view. The nostalgic Soul and delicate vibe, combined with it’s natural groove will put a smile on your face as soon as you hear it“.


Listen to “For Better Days” below:




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