Television More Friendly To Women Directors Than Hollywood, Agnieszka Holland Criticises | TV News



All you need to see is Jessica Jones on Netflix to demonstrate this point. Agnieszka Holland has criticised Hollywood for refusing to believe that women can make blockbusters, praising Television for being more female-friendly.


The Oscar nominated Polish director described cinema as a “boys club”, the majority of which “don’t believe women have the capacity to make blockbusters”.


She commented further that female directors found themselves spending “five years in [industry] hell after just one failure”, in contrast to male directors who get more chances to recover from movie flops.


Holland has directed episodes of Netflix’s House of Cards and HBO’s The Wire, praising the medium for being friendlier to females. This is entrenched by stats released by the Study of Women in Television and Film at San Diego University, finding that female directors helmed just 7% of Hollywoods top films in 2014. The cake is done, out of the oven, and yours to eat Holland.



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