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Ten Fé – Candidate | New Music

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Ten Fé – Candidate | New Music


Keep the faith” is the Spanish meaning of the name of the band Ten Fé, founded after the encounter of Ben Moorhouse and Leo Duncan, who, after having passed enough time busking on the London underground, decided to start a concrete musical partnership, connecting their two different personalities and approaches to music.


In 2017, Ten Fé made the jump from launching pad with their first album Hit The Light, recorded in Berlin. But this was only the beginning of their musical journey, since they eventually will meet the other three adding components, becoming what they are now a five piece.


Following the critical acclaim of their second album Future Perfect, Present Tense, which came out earlier this year, the band is already ready to share other musical material. Their new song “Candidate” belongs to their just released double A-side Candidate / Heaven Sent Me.


Danceable riffs and the soft deep voice of the singer mix together, letting the melody flow over the beats. The guitar riff dances around the same tunes with engaging sounds and chilling melodies that will leave the listeners of indie rock music astonished.


As the band has explained: “Candidate is a song about wanting the person you’re with to commit to you, the relationship, to life. It’s about losing patience with them“.


Listen to “Candidate” below:




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