Tension Develops In Trailer For Horror Film ‘Polaroid’ | Film Trailer

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Tension Develops In Trailer For Horror Film ‘Polaroid’ | Film Trailer


The Weinstein Company and Dimension Films have released the official trailer for horror film Polaroid. Polaroid is the tale of a group of teenagers, one of whom “stumbles upon a vintage Polaroid camera that houses a terrible secret: anyone who has their picture taken by it will suffer a violent and tragic death“.


The film is based on the same-titled 2015 short by the director, Lars Klevberg. However, many are calling out on the film taking significant likeness to R.L.Stine‘s Say Cheese and Die! of the Goosebumps series.


Regardless of the inspiration of the film, originality surely wasn’t something Klevberg was aiming for. Tropes are rife, from the dramatic discovery of an abandoned object in the attic to the group of teenagers that are struck with such misfortune. Naturally, the cast are largely unknown. Seemingly, the horror genre has become a game of fill in the blank.


Nonetheless, in delivering for the genre, Klevberg has done well and young adults will flock to theatres for the latest scare. Unfortunately, it will simultaneously be buried under the thousands of ‘horror’ movies already being churned out of the film industry (only to be rediscovered by a group of edgy teenagers in years to come).


Polaroid will hit theatres August 25. Catch the trailer below:




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