‘Terminator: Genisys’ Sequels On Permanent Hold At Paramount | Film News



After a poor box-office in America, Terminator: Genisys‘ prospects looked pretty glum. Alan Taylor‘s reboot/prequel/sequel to James Cameron‘s original masterclass in science-fiction was expected to spawn a franchise, with Matt Smith‘s character forming the primary antagonist. However, despite performing well in China, The Hollywood Reporter is announcing that Paramount have put the series on on permanent hold.


With The Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgement Day as sci-fi staples, further attempts to rekindle the apocalyptic fire of the originals have consistently gone awry. Jonathan Mostow‘s Rise of the Machines could not rise above tepid, despite the best attempts of Nick Stahl and Claire Danes. After the series lost Arnold Schwarzenegger, Terminator: Salvation ventured to bring back the dark, hopeless tone of the original, but fell flat with audiences.


Genisys‘ fatal floor seemed to be its attempt to overwrite the first films, sending its characters into an alternate universe where all bets were off. That and casting the overly bland, over muscled Jai Courtney as the conventionally small framed Kyle Reese. Regardless, fans should not get there hopes up for a sequel any time soon. The future is looking grim for another interpretation of The Terminator, maybe its finally time to let sleeping androids lie.



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