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Audiences have waited for over two decades for a good Terminator sequel. They will now have to wait even longer. The upcoming Terminator film being produced by James Cameron and directed by Tim Miller (Deadpool) – set to ignore the events of all the Cameron-less sequels that began with 2003’s Rise Of The Machines – has had its release date pushed back four months.


The film is still on track for a 2019 release, but its release date has now been changed from July 26 to November 22, 2019. This move makes sense, as it was becoming increasingly clear that the film – which has yet to enter production – was never going to make its intended release date, especially with Cameron heavily involved in crafting his Avatar sequels.


Billy Ray is still in the midst of writing the script, and details on the story have yet to be revealed, though it has been rumoured that it “could be set in Mexico City and that Cameron & Miller are seeking an 18-year-old Mexican actress to play the young female lead, Dani Ramos, as well as a Latin actor with fight/stunt background to play the new villain”.


We do know that Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton are set to reprise their roles from the previous films, and Mackenzie Davis has recently signed on to play a character similar to Schwarzenegger’s robot assassin. The search is still on for the protagonist that Hamilton’s character will presumably pass the torch to.


This delay will probably be good for the film itself considering how much work is still yet to be done. Fans may be temporarily disappointed, but if this delay means next year’s film becomes arguably the first good Terminator movie since Judgment Day, the wait will be worth it.



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