Terry Gilliam’s Next Film Could Be ‘Mr. Vertigo’ | Film News


While director Terry Gilliam is still hard at work trying to get his 25-year passion project The Man Who Killed Don Quixote to the big screen – the film is finally finished and should hit cinemas before the year is out – he may already have his eye set on his next project.


Per The Playlist, the director revealed while speaking at a Masterclass during the Brussels International Film Festival that his next project will likely be another long-in-development film titled Mr. Vertigo. It’s something Gilliam has been talking about here and there since 2011, and according to him, will star Ralph Fiennes.


It is based on the novel by Paul Auster, which follows a young orphan named Walt who’s taught how to levitate and begins touring the country during the 1920s as part of a sideshow carnival. The vaudeville act Walt becomes involved in takes him across the country and often leads the group into trouble, falling prey to the Ku Klux Klan and the Chicago mob.


Gilliam also mentioned how he recently pitched the film to prospective buyers at the Cannes Film Festival, but wasn’t able to land a solid deal. So it’s possible we’re in for another long-haul Gilliam project if he can’t immediately find a distributor that’s interested, but as we’ve seen, he’s a persistent man not willing to bow out of a project easily.



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