Tessa Thompson Joins Chris Hemsworth In ‘Men In Black’ Spinoff | Film News

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Tessa Thompson Joins Chris Hemsworth In ‘Men In Black’ Spinoff | Film News


Marvel’s Valkyrie and Odinson, having teamed up in Thor:Ragnarok, look set to team up once again, as Tessa Thompson (Annihilation) is set to join Chris Hemsworth in F. Gary Gray‘s Men In Black spinoff.


Written by Matt Holloway (Iron Man, Punisher: War Zone) and Art Marcum (Transformers: The Last Knight), the film is set to be part spinoff, part reboot of the series with brand new characters, though it has been rumoured that characters from the original series could return in some capacity.


Technically, Hemsworth has not yet officially signed onto the project, though sources close to the film expect this to happen soon. Those same people have stated that the new film will be a lot more “global” in scope, though that’s about as much as we know.


What we do know is that Thompson and Hemsworth’s on-screen chemistry is proven and that should help catapult Men In Black into a new era, even if fans pine for the original Will SmithTommy Lee Jones era (or the rumoured but never made crossover with 21 Jump Street).


Sony will be hoping that this new incarnation of Men In Black can morph into something like their own version of Star Wars: an old property with a built in audience, re-shaped for a modern one. They might be aiming a bit high if they’re expecting the same kind of success as Disney’s juggernaut, but we’ll see how they fare when the Men In Black reboot arrives in cinemas on June 14, 2019.



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