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The artist and composer Tessa Violet has released her single “Bored” on April 18, with a video! This song is part of her debut album Bad Ideas.


Tessa was raised in Oregon, then moved to Nashville. That’s where she realized she wanted a career in music. Today, she lives in Los Angeles. Youtube was for her, the first platform with which she was able to create authentic links with people through music. Her album Bad Ideas was a great success. In particular, her song “Crush” had over 100 million aggregate streams.


She’s been acclaimed by Billboard, MTV News who said her single “I Like (The Idea Of) You” was “a guitar-driven, retro-tinged jam” and also by The Fader.


In 2019, Tessa Violet and her band played to filled venues in the United States and Europe and took part in the Lollapalooza festival. They have also accompanied artists such as AJR, COIN and Misterwives on tour.


The song “Bored” was written at a time in Tessa Violet’s life when she felt very isolated. The video for that song reflects that feeling of unease and fear. The release coincides with the global containment and isolation that is currently taking place. So this can cheer us up and help us get through it. Indeed, as Tessa says, “we’re in this together”.


Watch the video for “Bored” here:




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