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Young Texan singer Ramir has just come out with a moving new single titled “Oceans Apart”. The single was written during a winter night, in the middle of a blackout, and it is all about distance and feeling like you’re oceans apart.


The single starts with some soft sounds and guitar arrangements, with a very melancholic vibe running through it. It is a track that talks about distance, how relationship can’t work if the persons concerned keep that distance and don’t give it a chance.


As the chorus goes: “Don’t blink, we’ll miss the life we had before we fell apart“. We feel a certain history behind the single, we could imagine it was a personal experience and especially with the current situation, it is a very relatable story. The lyrics show how to convey that a connection can fade in the blink of an eye.


Ramir is a R&B-pop singer-songwriter based in Port Arthur, Texas at the beginning of a long career. He is able to create an adult sound that will be familiar to us just with his captivating voice. Born in Maryland, he has always had music in him. Influences such as Dru Hill, Stevie Wonder, John Legend have played a part in Ramir creating his own music style.


As a youth during the early 2000s in America, Ramir’s passion for music grew with the dynamic of music stars and genres of the 2000s. This passion kept coming and was fuelled by stars like Khelani, Summer Walker, Drake, and Daniel Caesar.


Texan-based Ramir really started to shine as a songwriter, when he started to bud in Cumberland, Virginia, out of which his first song arose, “Coffee In Paris”, which was co-produced by Matt Miller. He has since co-produced three more songs and we are excited to see what his next projects are!


Please listen to “Oceans Apart” below:




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