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Texas-born artist Small Town has released a brand new song titled “Glances”. The track has an electronic debut, which soon after, goes onto a rhythmic single with drums. Along with the same electronic sound vibe and Small Town’s soulful voice, it makes the track quite interesting.


“Glances” is different from the usual contemporary R&B offering, and mixed with these other electronic sounds, we could nearly say it is another genre. The single is warm, mystical, and uncategorizable. Existing in the shadow of disco, the nostalgic song features poetically well-written lyrics about fighting through the temptation of who should take the first step.


As her voice goes over the beat, she makes the listener study what they know about deciding to hold off on making drastic decisions when having a romance. The song really makes you think about this subject of relationships and love.


The Texas artist has always been the in music and has been singing since forever. Her grandfather was one of her inspirations to go on this musical journey as he really enjoyed classic rock and exposed her to Jimi Hendrix, while her grandmother made her discover Michael Jackson and The Dreamgirls.


Soon after, she began having more of a classic 90s R&B influence, taken from her mother, but after that period, she went more towards alternative music. With all these music styles and genres, Small Town calls herself a genre fluid artist because combining different music styles has always been her way of making music.


The 26-years old artist has already released several singles but it is only the beginning of her career and we are excited to see where she goes with her genre fluid music.


Listen to the track “Glances” here:




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