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Following their summer hit “Symbiotic”, with over 1.6 million hits on Youtube, Electro-pop duo TGC (The Green Children) have recently released a new single titled “Bad Side”. The duo, composed by Milla Sunde and Marlow Bevan, established a connection at Sir Paul McCartney’s Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts.


Since then, they collaborated with Universal Music Group, with Jackson Browne’s Spinside Records and with notable artists such as Paul Oakenfold, Moguai, Downlow’d, M4SONIC and Foster The People. Their debut album Encounter has also been nominated for the first round of the US Grammy Award.


On “Bad Side”, Milla’s voice takes the lead, telling about an intricate tale of uncertainty and inhibition. “This is a reflective song for me, on how I run away into self-destruction when pain is too hard to bear. We want our fans to know that they are not alone! Sometimes life just sucks and it’s ok to lose your way now and then”, she said.


Milla has got a beautiful and particular voiceprint, which, alongside with the powerful drums of the instrumentals, manages to perfectly convey the message of this atmospheric electro pop song. This track features a contemplative mood and was influenced from artists such as Prince, Röyksopp and Enya.


Listen to “Bad Side” below:




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