‘The 100’ Writer Apologises To LGBTQ Fans Over Death Of Major Character | TV News

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‘The 100’ Writer Apologises To LGBTQ Fans Over Death Of Major Character | TV News



A character’s death too soon is one of the worst things to witness when watching your favourite television series, a significant death at the end of Game of Thrones series one I won’t spoil an example of how such a death can send shockwaves through the fanbase.


The same controversy has overtaken the most recent series of The 100, spoiler warnings for those who haven’t seen the episode when the fearless commander of the grounders played by actress Alicia Debnam-Carey falling not in the heat or chaos of battle but from a stray bullet at the hands of her most loyal service just moments after consummating her relationship with Clarke.


The death was a blatant instance of a TV trope called Bury Your Gays, the queer folk of the story not getting any happy endings, just lots and lots of death. Needless to say this has left the LGBTQ section of the shows fanbase furious, but also feeling rather used – the hype of a lesbian character causing many to be drawn to the show. Writer Rothenberg commented on the characters death:


“For many fans of The 100, the relationship between Clarke and Lexa was a positive step of inclusion. I take enormous pride in that, as I do in the fact that our show is heading into its 4th season with a bisexual lead and a very diverse cast. The honesty, integrity and vulnerability Eliza Taylor and Alycia Debnam-Carey brought to their characters served as an inspiration for many of our fans. Their relationship held greater importance than even I realized. And that very important representation was taken away by one stray bullet”.



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