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Irish indie band, The Academic, met in school over an early age, bonded over some of their favourite records and decided to form a band. WPGM interviewed them and they opened up about the background of their new single and their influences.


Their first single, “Different”, was already played over two million times on Spotify. Now, the unmistakable band released their new song, “Mixtape 2003”, and they say it’s “a song about noughties nostalgia”. “It [the year 2003] was a time that gave us some great music that made us want to be in a band,” they explained. “We wanted to write something that might remind people of a time in their lives when they hadn’t a care in the world and life was maybe a little easier.”


Talking about their songwriting process and influences, they say it’s all “very collaborative” and that “all ideas are shared” within the band. “I think our style of music just evolved from what we listened to as kids. Influences vary across the band but collectively we all were into guitar bands from a young age”.


Their music sounds like they’ve been in the industry for centuries when in fact they only formed three years ago. “A lot of people seem to think we have been signed to a major record label. Fact is we are completely independent, it’s us and our management and we have done everything ourselves”.


Allow yourself to fall in love with the accompanying visuals for “Mixtape 2003”:



Oh, and they are on tour! Check their website to see if they play your city.



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