The Aces – Physical | Music Video


Four girls with immense talent and style, The Aces who formed at middle school in Utah, are taking the music world by storm. The alternative pop group made up of Cristal on guitar and vocals, her sister Alisa on Drums, Bassist Mckenna and Katie on lead Guitar, are all about the music.


They have just released their brand new music video for their latest release “Physical” which was released on April 7th. The song is about having an attraction to someone without the emotional substance. The video is an array of pastel, poofy prom dresses, topless guys and facemasks. All of these contributing to a huge element of sarcasm, it is implying that they’ve got a lot more to give than what a stereotypical girl band may consist of.


I’m a big fan of this new track! You can expect to hear more from them in 2017 as their EP is unveiled in June through Red Bull Records.


For now, watch the video to “Physical” below.




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