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Released on the 16th of December, “The Lightning” is the new single from New Zealand band The AJ Crawshaw Band. The single, described as a “grab them my the earholes” track, is set to be the perfect summer track in New Zealand, but it also works for the current British winter too.


The track is about living life and connecting with what makes you feel alive, and according to the band frontman, AJ Crawshaw, “So often we hold ourselves back or restrain ourselves to do what we think is our duty, this song is exploring the question: what if we just lived the life we were made for? Talk to the girl, do that crazy idea, make that art, make that music, be all we can be”.


Joining AJ Crawshaw on the four piece band are Cam Sutton on electric guitar, Simon Laracy on bass guitar, and Dan Watson on drums. Together, they have put together this high octane track that even sounds like lightning once it starts going, from the ripping electric guitar arrangements to the sharp bass runs to the high octane drum patterns to the powerful vocal performance.


Further adding context to the song inspiration, AJ adds that, “A friend asked me recently, ‘How do you know if you are doing what you are meant to be doing with your life? Is it when life is hard and all odds are against you? Or when there is a grace and ease to everything?’ For me it’s whether or not you feel alive doing it. Easy or hard has nothing to do with it. How connected you are to it, is everything“.




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