The ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Moment That Had An Emotional Impact On Scarlett Johansson While Filming | Film News


Avengers: Infinity War announces itself to be an emotional film, according to Scarlett Johansson. In a recent interview on the craft of acting, Black Widow spoke about a particularly rough day that she had on the set of the next Avengers movie, which involved working with Mark Ruffalo. She implied that something involving her on-screen relationship with Ruffalo’s character is going to have some serious emotional weight. She said:


I just finished Avengers: Infinity War, the first one. My character has this ongoing relationship with Mark Ruffalo’s character [Hulk], and I had such devastation that day. I don’t know why. I was so devastated, and it was something about this character that Mark plays, and this something that should feel so solid and then suddenly doesn’t, or there’s… and then it reminded me of so much of the things going on in my own life at the time.”


The last Avengers movie, Age of Ultron, introduced a new relationship between the characters of Natalya Romanova and Bruce Banner. Black Widow was the one capable of making Incredible Hulk to be calm so that he could return to his more human form.


The pair clearly had built a bond since the first film, with the two of them doing some light flirting during Tony Stark’s party and also having the film’s most emotional moment together, where we learn of the what Romanov went through to become the master assassin that she was.


It now seems that the sequel may offer us a follow-up to that moment. While Johansson doesn’t give Inside the Actor’s Studio any details on what the scene involves, it apparently had enough emotional weight to hit her on a personal level.



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