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Gambling and casinos have been part of cinema history for years, and many movies actually base their entire story on it!


For other movies, some of the most adrenaline filled parts of the action involve gambling or betting, feeding our demand for excitement, glamour and risk, given that betting in movies is often associated with dangerous groups of individuals – like gangsters or mafias.


We’ve found the best gambling movies from the last decade, so that you can give them a watch for the first or even fourth time, to get your fix of anticipation and high-stake drama.

Runner Runner

With big actors featuring in this movie, like Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck, it would be hard not to give this movie a mention. It was released in 2013 and follows two different characters whose paths intertwine.


The central character Richie funds his college tuition by first referring other students to online casino websites, and then gambles himself on online poker. He loses his savings to cheaters on the website, and this leads him to meet Ivan who is seemingly running an organisation seeking to resolve this cheating algorithm that people are using.


As expected, this movie is filled with dramatic scenes, and some might even get you considering heading online to do some betting yourself. However, before you do this, make sure you use a reputable site like bitcoin casino, so that you don’t lose money to cheating like Richie did!

Uncut Gems

Although this movie released in 2019 doesn’t technically focus its entire plot around the casino, it does feature some of the most hair-raising gambling scenes throughout, and especially towards the end of the story. It follows Howard who is a gambling obsessed owner of a jewellery store, who has racked up debt to his loan shark brother-in-law.


Whilst the movie begins with a rare gem being discovered and then ordered by Howard for his jewellery store, the life of this gem is followed as it is passed from person-to-person because it is deemed as a ‘good luck’ charm.


There are moments where an audience is led to believe that the gem is gone forever, and where we believe that Howard has come up with a solution to his debt problem.


However, you’ll need to watch the movie to find out whether or not Howard actually achieves his goal, and with this you’ll watch perhaps one of the most nail-biting gambling scenes of the decade!

Honourable Mentions

There are countless gambling movies that have been released in the previous decade, but none are as good as the first two of our favourites that we’ve mentioned above. However, there are some other great gambling movies that almost made the cut, such as The Odds (2011), Cold Deck (2015) and Guns, Girls and Gambling (2011).


If you’re ready to live life on the edge for a few hours, why not indulge yourself in one of the movies that we’ve recommended above? Watching movies about gambling and casinos won’t be the most calming way to spend your free time, but you’re sure to escape from the everyday realities of your own life!



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