The Best Street Style Of Coachella 2018 | Fashion News


It is known that fashion and trends come directly from the streets, but not always from big cities or Fashion Week’s street styles. This time, the best looks have been seen in one of the most well known festivals around the world, and to which more celebrities, singers, it-girls and of course, mortals like the rest, attend every year. Yes, we’re talking about Coachella.


We have already spoken about the best looks of our favorite celebrities, now it is time for all the others, for the ones who don’t spend thousands of pounds on their looks but nonetheless create amazing, imaginative and original looks.


The boho-chic style always takes the reins at the festival, followed by some trends that we always see like transparences, braids, fake tattoos, flowers or crop-tops.


We all have a very ‘extra’ part inside us and, undoubtedly, Coachella is the perfect place to reveal it.


Here our favorite looks:













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