The Big Drops – Gong Gong Jar | New Music

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The Big Drops – Gong Gong Jar | New Music


With all the summer party hits, like the infectious “Despacito“, that has been played non-stop by everyone and their mothers, maybe it’s time to have a breather, wind down and take a wavey trip with psych-rock group, The Big Drops.


Perhaps not a club banger like our beloved “Despacito”, “Gong Gong Jar” is refreshing and exactly what you need to cool down in the summer heat.


Gong Gong Jar, is a chill indie track that evokes a strong psychedelic late 60s-70s vibe. The vocals of this dream pop/shoegaze number only adds to the laidback feel of “Gong Gong Jar.” If you’re a fan of Mild-High Club or Mac DeMarco, you’ll love this track and probably should check them out pronto.


This is definitely one to add to your summer playlist!



Have a listen of The Big Drops – Gong Gong Jar down below.


If you’re wanting some more of The Big Drops, their debut album, Time, Colour is out June 23rd. In the mean time, check the New Jersey based quartet here.



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