The Bustier Dress Is The Hottest New Summer Trend For 2017 | Fashion News


The likes of Emily Ratajkowsk, Bella Hadid and many more celebrities have set the latest summer trend after continuously stepping out in the newest dress style: The Bustier Dress. The popular fashion choice combines idea of underwear as outerwear and corsets. The dress has been worn both on the red carpet, and off.



The piece is a sophisticated twist on the idea of corsets as they are a main part of the item. The dress is tight fitting around the chest then flows out from the waist down. Giving it quite a graceful look. The dress ranges from many styles. It has been seen on Bella Hadid in denim. Emily Ratajkowski wore the dress in black lace and Candice Swanepoel chose to wear the style in a more relaxed, cotton version.





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