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In honour of debut album Memories: Do Not Open, The Chainsmokers have released its opening track. As many may have guessed from the title – “The One” – it’s a love song, but not in the typical sense. Rather, “the one” refers to the person who will end the relationship as opposed to, you know, The One.


The first few lines are intriguing enough: “You know, I’m sorry / I won’t make it to your party / Got caught up in my own selfishness / It won’t let me be a part of this”. Clearly, I had to hear more…


The mellow ballad is extremely honest, apologetic, and self-reflective; it takes the Love Song genre and injects it with a realistic twist. The protagonist isn’t a hero or even particularly sweet, but their raw and critical view of the situation is what pulls at the heart-strings.


Two other songs from the album, “Paris” and “Something Just Like This” (featuring Coldplay), have already been released but “The One” may be the final teaser. I say this because Memories: Do Not Open is out on April 7, but who knows what else The Chainsmokers have in store!


Listen to “The One” below and pre-order the album here.



Album track list.



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