The Conjuring’s ‘Annabelle’ Is Menacing In New TV Spot | Film Trailer


Every evil has an origin“. If you have not already heard, Annabelle the horrifyingly creepy doll from last year’s box office smasher The Conjuring, now has her very own film and is coming to a cinema near you… If that thought alone is not enough to scare you then perhaps a new teaser for the film will do the trick!


New Line Cinema and Warner Bros. have given Annabelle a new thirty second TV spot, guaranteed to leave a resonating chill for all you horror film lovers. The short feature introduces the dreaded doll through multiple shots of a creaking chair rocking back and forth, until it reaches its climax, and reveals Annabelle sitting there staring back at us. The tension building teaser throws out some quick flashes of what is in store for the viewer and finally erupts with Annabelle’s lasting image.


Set for release on October 10, 2014, the film’s premise sees married couple Mia and John as they become the new owners of a beautiful antique doll, but things take a turn for the worst when their house is invaded by a satanic cult who conjure a terrifying entity. Although the film is directed by John R. Leonetti, The Conjuring’s director James Wan has produced the film so one can only hope that his expertise for thrills and scares had rubbed off onto this feature.




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