The Contortionist – Language Rediscovered | New Music

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The Contortionist – Language Rediscovered | New Music

The Contortionist


American progressive metal band The Contortionist have released short Rediscovered versions of a handful of their tracks – acoustic versions if you will. One track that catches the ear, or eye as there is also a video to be found on YouTube, is “Language Rediscovered”.


“Language I” is probably my personal favourite song of theirs and “Language Rediscovered” takes it to the next level. It’s eerie how well the softer approach suits the harmonies and the voice of lead singer Michael Lessard, and the track is rearranged to perfection to create a more somber and gentler feel. The sound is also much more accessible, a lot of people are put of (rightly or wrongly) as soon as they hear a distorted guitar, so whether you’re a fan of progressive metal/rock music or not, you may just enjoy this one. Watch the live video of the song below.




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