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The Cribs have given away some details on their forthcoming album, which they have mentioned will be titled For All My Sisters and will be released on March 23. They have stated that the record is “the most immediate” one they’ve made since Men’s Needs, Woman’s Needs, Whatever and claim the “pop aspect” in it is due to producer Ocasek – who’s also produced albums by Weezer and Hole.


“I think this is the poppiest record since ‘Men’s Needs, Women’s Needs, Whatever’. When we did ‘In The Belly Of The Brazen Bull’, we used that as a chance to get the more abrasive songs out. With this one, we fancied having that contrast of going back to where we concentrate on the melodies”, Ryan Jarman said about the new record. The band have a strong criteria in which each record has to be better than the last and stress that new music is as important as ever. For All My Sisters will be The Cribs’ sixth album and the first under the new label Sonic Blew/Sony Red. The band have recently released a ‘teaser track’ “An Ivory Hand”, which you can listen to below.




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