The Desert – Playing Dead | Music Video


The London based duo The Desert have unveiled the music video for their new single “Playing Dead”, it is the second track released by the duo recently.


The two young artists met when the guitarist and producer Tom Fryer featured on Gina’s solo EP titled Catch. Since then the two artists became close and they decided to create the Desert band.


The music video for “Playing Dead” shows the band playing in an empty bus depot. The atmosphere is aseptic and slightly disturbing, the singer’s glance is vitreous and lost in the void. The camera initially close to the group moves to the ground until the image of the band playing slowly despaired.


“Playing Dead” sound is very complex, it mixes the typical elements of Spanish music with the classic English alternative-pop. The singer voice is amusing and hypnotic. The sound and style of this duo is recognizable and original.


Watch the music video for “Playing Dead” from The Desert below:



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