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The SXSW Film Festival unveils more and more comedies and blockbusters over time, and last night, James Franco’s The Disaster Artist made its debut!


The biopic follows real life actor and director, Tommy Wiseau, as he developed and filmed the 2003 cult indie film, The Room, a movie that’s generally accepted as one of the worst movies of all time. People who have heard Wiseau yell, “You’re tearing me apart, Lisa!” are well within their rights to be wary about a film focused on such a farce.


But reports of reception are mostly positive so far, with Variety describing the audience as “overwhelmed by thunderous rolls of laughter at the Paramount Theatre, thanks to a tour-de-force (and career-best) performance by Franco”.


Wiseau, who attended the screening, refrained from commenting his opinion of the film. “I have to think about it,” he said.


Franco had pitched the idea of adapting The Room co-star Greg Sestero’s 2013 non-fiction book into a movie to Seth Rogen after the two wrapped up The Interview. When the news that a movie adaptation of his movie was in the works, Wiseau himself expressed interest in Johnny Depp portraying him. Franco convinced the reluctant Wiseau that he was a suitable second choice and has since thrown himself into the role.


Seth Rogen, who plays The Room’s script supervisor, Sandy Schklair, revealed Franco stayed in character during the entire shoot. “We’ve done a lot of weird s— in our day. But that was one where I was like, ‘This is f—ing weird”.


The film’s supporting cast is comprised of Franco’s own brother, Dave, Sharon Stone, Bryan Cranston, Melanie Griffith, Zac Efron, Josh Hutcherson, Jacki Weaver and Judd Apatow. Warner Bros. has yet to set a release date, but with an all-star cast and an iconic story behind it, The Disaster Artist is sure to be a hit.



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