The End To Victoria’s Secret Swimwear? | Fashion News



Lingerie and swimwear seem to be fashion items that go hand in hand and a logical decision by fashion brands to incorporate the two into their range. However rumours within the industry have suggested the lingerie giants Victoria’s Secret are considering dropping their swimwear line to focus further on their athleisure products. The company are yet to comment but a source told Vogue magazine this week, more details about the restructuring of their products will be announced next month.




The rumours, which have surfaced online speculate not only will the aquatic wear be ceased but this could also be the end of the VS printed catalog.  The swimwear section has it’s annual shoot and film and eliminating this what seems to be a growing category for customers could save the business a lot of money.




Last summer Sharon Jester Turney, recently departed CEO, commented on the category: “Swim has been my biggest disappointment, and we did it to ourselves”. It’s unknown what the 2016 changes of Victoria’s Secret will bring but lingerie lovers will eagerly will be awaiting the news.







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