The Environmental Emergency Caused By Fast Fashion | Fashion News

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The Environmental Emergency Caused By Fast Fashion | Fashion News


Every year 80,000 million clothes are sold all around the world. Since brands like Zara and H&M created ‘Fast Fashion‘ the consumption of clothing items has exploded in the last few years while tons of used items are accumulated without anyone knowing what to do with them.


The environmental issue has reached such a point where even the manufacturers themselves are alarmed.



The United Nations hosted an event in Geneva some weeks ago titled ‘Fashion and the Sustainable Development Goals: What Role For The UN?‘ in which they laid the cards out on the table about the real threat that the textile industry potentially holds for the planet.


Analyzing the facts, the fashion industry is the second most contaminating industry just after oil, and the second most water contaminating followed by the electricity.



Behind every single item that we have in our closet, a huge amount of water and other resources get used up. For producing 1kg of cotton, more than 10,000 litres of water are needed, which equates to the human consumption of water for 10 years, and with which we would only be able to create a single pair of jeans.


It is clear that is really necessary to change our shopping inhabits in order to help not only us but our planet and to stay alive for many more years.





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