The Final Trailer For ‘Doctor Sleep’ Has Landed | Film Trailer

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The Final Trailer For ‘Doctor Sleep’ Has Landed | Film Trailer


The final trailer for the sequel to Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 iconic movie The Shining has dropped. Titled Doctor Sleep, it has been adapted for the big-screen by Mike Flanagan from the same name Stephen King novel published in 2013.


To remind you, The Shining tells the story of Jack Torrance, an aspiring writer who moves at the Overlook Hotel in Colorado with hi wife and son. Jack starts unravelling into a homicidal maniac. In the meantime, Danny, his son begins to experience psychic premonition.


Doctor Sleep is set 40 years after The Shinning and follow adult Danny played by Ewan McGregor.
In the trailer, we discover that Danny suffers from the same alcoholism than is father. He also afflicted by traumatic memories from is childhood at the Overlook Hotel.


Then, he meets Abra, a young girl with similar psychic abilities.Together, they are trying to fight off a group of demons called the True Knot who are after people who have its special power, the shine.


To be done, Danny will have to go back to the Overlook Hotel where he’ll find endless horror.


Even if the directer Mike Flanagan promises Doctor Sleep is in the same mentality than Kubrick’s film to offer a psychological thrill, the new horror movie seems to be far away from the hour masterpiece.


Also, Mike said it, Doctor Sleep is “its own thing.” Thus, some scenes aren’t from the novel.
To concluded, it makes no doubt that the final trailer is terrifying and promised a great horror movie.


Doctor Sleep is in theaters on Friday, November 8.


In the meantime, watch the trailer below:[/emnbed]



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