The First Pictures Of Alicia Vikander In ‘Tomb Raider’ Are Up | Film News


The first pictures of Alicia Vikander from the Tomb Raider reboot are up!


Daily Mail released exclusive pictures of Vikander handling impressive stunts on the South African set of the film. The pictures show Vikander to be outfitted in a low cut khaki top, tight black trousers, a thick belt, and the trademark braid reminiscent to Angelina Jolie’s iconic Lara Croft look from the original Tomb Raider series.


The pictures show Vikander’s hands bound before she frees her bonds and attempts to work her way off of the plank on top of which she’s been suspended. Her tanned, sweaty skin and her toned arms show Vikander to be hard at work keeping the legend alive!


When casting news first confirmed Vikander’s attachment to the project, many fans of the original series voiced their protests online, complaining about the dissimilar body types of Angelina Jolie and Alicia Vikander. However, Alicia has stressed multiple times that the reboot will be more of an origin story than an effort to recreate the original films exactly.


If there’s anyone to pull off this role, it will be Vikander, whose efforts as an actress have won her an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress (Danish Girl, 2015). Her prominent work from 2016 includes the drama, The Light Between Oceans, and the highly anticipated action thriller, Jason Bourne.


Tomb Raider is based off of the Square Enix video game reboot from 2013 and follows a younger Lara Croft searching for her father (who will be played by Dominic West). Tomb Raider will be ready for theatres March 2018.



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