‘The Flash’ Season 2, Episode 14 – Escape From Earth 2 | TV Review



Spoilers Ahead!


Last time, our heroes decided to finally take a trip to Earth 2, giving us some insights on what it was like to be in a parallel universe. We learned that Barry’s counterpart still worked as a CSI, but the difference being his marriage with Detective Iris West. The episode concluded with the deaths of Joe, Deathstorm (Ronnie Raymond) and Reverb (Cisco) and the capture of Barry Allen.


Today’s episode once again exhibits Barry’s growth as a speedster, as he begins to learn some tricks by observing Zoom. The relationship between Caitlyn (Earth 1) and Jay Garrick is also further fleshed out, while the two work on a serum to help the latter regain his speed and save his life.


There is a significant lack of consistency within the episode, due to the story trying to depict two different versions of the Flash at the same time. Though the title might suggest a focus on the group’s escape from Earth-2, they’ve also added Geomancer as a sub-plot villain. This in turn causes both plot lines to suffer severely, as not enough screen time can be allotted to serve the two, leaving them unsatisfying and anti-climactic.


The episode does however succeed in showing the villainy of Zoom, particularly giving a proper meaning behind the fear he’s induced to our heroes and the city. An interesting character is also introduced as one of Zoom’s captive, a masked man who seems interested and dismayed by the lack of Jay Garrick.


Overall, though today’s episode struggles to maintain consistency between its storylines, it still adds a few quirks and notable moments from time to time. The conclusion also adds some mystery and shock factor, leaving viewers with a well placed cliffhanger.



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