‘The Flash’: Season 2, Episode 15 – King Shark | TV Review



We’re gonna need a bigger Flash…


Warning: Spoilers Ahead!


Last Tuesday, we saw our heroes escape and permanently close the doors to Earth-2. This however came at a price, as we saw the death of Jay Garrick at the hands of Zoom.


This week’s episode succeeds in following up this tragic event, with a story that maintains purpose and importance to the season. But perhaps the most notable and important scene is the revelation of Zoom’s identity, of which I will return to in a moment.


For the most part, the episode maintains a steady pace that shows the fallout of Jay’s death and the events in Earth-2. Distraught and traumatized, Barry tries to find a way to vent his frustrations . Thus comes King Shark, a nightmare creature that is the infusion between human and a Great White who appeared briefly early this season.


The appearance of John Diggle and Layla Michaels serves as a mini-crossover with Arrow, as they become the bearers of bad news to Barry after King Shark’s escape from ARGUS.


The rest of the story then magnificently serves as a distraction for both Barry and the audience, giving a much needed break from the whole ‘breaches’ fiasco. The fight scene between The Flash and King Shark has been one of the best so far, as it not only showed Flash’s growing ability as a hero, but also shows how far he would go to show his resolve.


This then leads us to the supposed conclusion, in which Barry reaffirms his desire to defeat Zoom and bring an end to his tyranny in Earth-2. The whole distraction thing at this point has served the story quite well, unexpectedly shifting attention to Zoom returning to his liar with Jay’s body.



To much of our surprise, Zoom finally removes his mask in full view of the audience, revealing his identity (or at least his face) to be none other than Jay Garrick himself. The episode ends with a cliffhanger, following his statement “Well this is a complication.”


There are many theories one could throw around at this point, with many comic fans pointing to the idea that he might actually be Earth-1’s Hunter Zolomon. Still, it’s very early to imply such an idea at this point, but would prove to be a valid one.



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