‘The Flash’ Season 2, Episode 16 – Trajectory | TV Review



After an explosive revelation from the previously, this week’s Flash focuses on a female speedster terrorizing Central City.


The episode extends this continued anecdote in the absence of Season 2 menace Zoom. Though he hasn’t played as much of a big role since the doors to Earth-Two were closed off, his presence maintains a shock wave that increasingly haunts Barry and the rest of the group.


Interestingly however, this was also one of the few episodes that had exceptional balance. Though they try their best to achieve optimum speed to beat Zoom, they’ve also finally managed to find some time to unwind.


Of course this doesn’t last for very long as an unknown speedster enters the field and begins robbing the good citizens of Central City. Realizing the damage she’s causing to his name, Barry tries to confront her only to be beaten in speed. This only does worse for Barry’s already dwindling confidence in defeating Zoom, which leads him to the discovery of Velocity 9.


The rest of the episode dedicates itself in memory of Jay and the dangers of the Velocity serum. Barry struggles with the decision of actually inducing the drug at the cost of his own health, something that the rest of the group eagerly try to put him off of.


Sadly the hopes of having Trajectory be a part of the team is quelled by the end of the episode, instead what is revealed is the actual origin behind Zoom’s blue lighting. Somehow connecting the dots between Velocity 9, Jay, and Trajectory’s Blue lightening, they conveniently predict Zoom’s identity for themselves. This is also one of the few moments Cisco’s powers suddenly become useful, as the episode ends with the confirmation of said identity.


All and all a fun episode, but there could’ve and should’ve been more done to the character of Trajectory. She served as nothing more than a plot device in order to push the truth behind Zoom, which really puts a whole downer behind her role as a female speedster. Also it seems like Iris has a new love interest (again), they’re really playing around with this will they won’t they thing aren’t they?



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