‘The Flash’ Season 2 To Bring Back Character | TV News

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‘The Flash’ Season 2 To Bring Back Character | TV News



The current season is action packed with a bunch of speedsters vying for supremacy. However, it seems like something big is about to happen, as we will see Barry once again travel back in time in “Flash Back”.


A familiar face will make a return, as we will see Rick Cosnett reprise his role as Eddie Thawne. The character himself met a heroic end during Season one’s conclusion, in which he sacrificed himself in order to wipe his descendant Eobard Thawne (Yellow Flash) from existence. At the time, he was engaged to Iris West and was among the last few people to know about Flash’s true identity.


‘Flash Back’ is set to be a reunion between Barry and Eddie, and will also see the return of Season One villain Pied Piper.


The episode will air on March 29th on CW in America, while the UK will be able to watch it later this year on Sky.



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