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In the recent years the superhero team movies have been released non-stop and it re-shaped the competition between the two main rivals, Marvel and DC Comics.


With The X-Men and The Avengers franchises being incredibly successful, the DC Universe had to step up in the game of superhero-team-based movies, which resulted with the upcoming movie Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and the anti-hero Suicide Squad.


While the line-up of super-villains for the latter is already out, hints of which superheroes we will see in the former keep coming. Just recently the costumer designer for Batman V Superman Michael Wilkinson confirmed the rumours about a small part for The Flash in the movie.


Here’s what he said: “I’m not really at the liberty to talk about The Flash right now, but it’s something that you’ll be seeing in the future in our films. You do get a glimpse of him, of course, in Batman v Superman”.


The upcoming movie will serve as a platform to introduce the DC Extended Universe characters, most of which will also have a dedicated movie in the future; The Flash, which is portrayed in all movies by Ezra Miller, has its own feature which is set to be released in 2018.


Bring the heroes, DC! We are ready.



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