The Floacist Presents ‘FLO’ Spoken Word Night At Juno Bar – Tuesday, May 5 | Events


Likely to be one of my favourite spoken word open mic nights in the gentrified Shoreditch, FLO is hosted by Natalie ‘Floacist’ Stewart every first Tuesday of the month. The Floacist if you dont know is from the widely celebrated soul duo Floetry, along with her soul sister Marsha Ambrosius made classics like “Say Yes” and “Floetic” from the popular 2002 album of the same name, by providing what always felt like the energy and soul throughout her journey, her spoken word was always so versatile and moving along with her solo music.


The home of FLO, Juno bar is a 2-floor gem serving good fresh food with a friendly relaxed atmosphere, it has the vortex downstairs where all the fun and positive energy lives, you can definitely feel a strong sense of welcome and warmth in the venue. The vortex holds people with inquisitive brains and hearts, and all performers looking to perform here at FLO must email the Floacist with a link to their work before being confirmed in taking part, which is great and why there are such high quality performers.


The performers are surrounded by its audience in what feels like a vault when its filled, it takes a little bobbing and weaving to get around but “that’s the vortex“, it’s relaxing but cocoon like, maybe because personal space doesn’t matter when sharing emotions, you feel united, quite frankly if you can’t see you can hear. The great organising and fluidity is kept going with five minutes on the mic for each performer, “no breaks”, total silence apart from either laughs or cheers and the theme of being open. Oh and there’s a great DJ spinning those classics for break times, you’re bound to leave warm. Submit an email with examples of your work to [email protected] for a chance to perform at the open mic event.



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