The Full Length ‘Starry Eyes’ Trailer Is A Twisted Affair | Film Trailer


From the film duo that brought you Absence, Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer, comes a twisted new horror that’s both sophisticated and frightening. Starry Eyes stars Alex Essoe as aspiring actress, Sarah. Sarah is desperate to make it in Hollywood and goes to extreme and dangerous measures to make it. She finally manages to get a part in a movie with a strange production team who transform her both physically and mentally into something sinister.


The buzz around this movie is pretty exciting, it falls into a category of new horror that merges both psychological fear with physical, which is especially appealing to a contemporary audience that is so desensitized to a lot of shocking material. Also starring Amanda Fuller, Noah Segan and Shane Coffey, Starry Eyes hits theaters and VOD on November 14. Check out the trailer below.




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