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The Genius Buddha Band


You probably heard of Subway Club but do you know The Genius Buddha Band yet? After their break up, the members of Subway Club seperated and went in two different directions. One direction led them to TGBB. Lately only the underground indie fans have been having the honour of listening to their music but don’t worry, WPGM met the four guys from Stockholm.


When we asked how they came up with their band name, they answered that they were watching „The Sopranos“ and Tony, one of the main characters, inspired them. “In the dialogue while exhaling some smoke he mentioned the word ‘Buddha’. Both of us looked at each other with bulging eyes, as if we had come up with the cure for cancer. By that time we both knew what the [band] name was going to be“.


The four indie rockers are currently working on some interesting stuff. “There will be a music-video [to Number Four], and we think it might feature us in it this time around. It’ll be simple, something we’ll make so the people can see who’s behind the music“. They make music more for themselves than for the audience. “I really don’t think I’ll ever turn into the guy that makes music trying to get on every single radio-station”.


We think their way of seeing things rocks. Listen to their brand new song, which was released yesterday, September 1.



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