‘The Good Cop’ Trailer Ensures Lots Of Comical Moments | TV Trailer


The new Netflix original crime show The Good Cop has debuted its trailer online and it sure to be a smash hit for the streaming platform.


The online giant has been previewing lots of trailers for this upcoming TV season and this one looks already like a winner.


The official plot follows “Tony Sr. (Tony Danza), a lovable yet not exactly honorable, former NYPD officer who never followed the rules. He lives with his son, Tony Jr. (TJ), Josh Groban, a brilliant, straight-laced NYPD detective who makes a point of always following the rules while solving Brooklyn’s toughest cases. This ‘odd couple’ become unofficial partners as Tony Sr. offers his overly-cautious son blunt, street-wise advice”.


After a series of romcoms that were a commercial success, like Set It Up and the upcoming To All The Boys I Have Loved Before, Netflix is aiming to branch out and reach a broader audience with a more light-hearted small-screen debut. And what better than a crime show with the bad cop/good-cop formula?


Pursuing the success of series like Castle or Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Good Cop presents all the right ingredients to make the show a must-see next fall.


TV veteran Tony Danza looks like the perfect choice to play a street-smart, insubordinate cop while Groban in the role of the good, obedient son TJ will definitely serve as the right counterpart for his father’s unsual manners.


The series will premiere on the platform on September 21.


Watch the trailer here:




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