‘The Good Place’ Renewed For Fourth Season | TV News


The Good Place, one of the smartest sitcoms currently running, has been renewed for a fourth season by NBC. Created by Michael Schur after his previous series – the equally fantastic Parks & Recreation – wrapped, the show has become critically acclaimed since its debut, giving fans the kinds of twists and turns not often seen in comedy, while remaining consistently funny.


The episode order for the fourth season of the show has yet to be determined, but the third season is currently airing and is set to be 13 episodes long, so it is safe to assume that the next season will see a similar number commissioned.


There’s no announcement that the fourth season may be the final one, but Schur has said in the past that he knows where the show will end up, so The Good Place doesn’t sound like a sitcom that will run for, say, 10+ seasons, so we should appreciate it while we have it.


This is especially true, considering the show has never been a huge ratings draw, despite its acclaim, and NBC has been known to pull the plug on great shows with low viewing numbers.


But for now, all is good, as Schur would likely inform fans if a season was indeed the final one. We can rest easily knowing that The Good Place will remain in our lives for the foreseeable future.



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