‘The Great British Bake Off’ Season 6, Episode 1 – Cake | TV Review


With the familiar theme tune beating through our hearts with anticipation, there was little room for disappointment. But luckily the first episode of The Great British Bake Off season 6 did not fail the foodies. For the first episode of the new series the bakers had to make a Mary Berry classic Madeira cake, walnut cake, and a Black Forest Gateau.


With baking triumph and a confectionery catastrophe, we were taken on an emotional rollercoaster throughout the show. The comedy duo Sue and Mel were on form, but there were noticeably not as many cooking puns or innuendos cooked up, which did leave me, and I’m sure many other viewers, feeling slightly ‘undercooked’. However, the show has acquired Paul’s doppelganger, also called Paul – what are the chances – which provided entertainment for most of the show.


One of the most disappointing moments of the show was being introduced to a Lithuanian body builder, Ugne, and only seeing her work out for about 3 seconds of viewing time. If she claims to be a baker and a body builder then I am going to need to see some evidential proof that you can be fit and stuff your face with cake. I’m still waiting to see that proof, one six pack at a time. Having said that, looking at her arms and shoulders, it looks like she could whisk up meringue better than any swanky electric device the show is sporting this year.


However, the biggest moment of the night was when Dorret‘s black forest gateau came crashing down like a chocolate avalanche. She picked her gateau out of the fridge expecting her mousse to be set and as she lifted its case off, the whole nation gasped in horror at the gooey liquid mess that came trickling out the bottom and sides. You could see her heart shatter into a thousand pieces, just as her gateau had – what a beautifully edible metaphor.


When presenting it to the judges, it resembled a mud pie that children make, but this nostalgic undertone was in no way desired. To make matters worse, Mary’s “I bet it tastes delicious” was quickly chopped short by Paul’s raw and cutting critique that it “tastes like rubber“. Not only did it look awful but it tasted awful too – ouch. Luckily, Dorret’s other tasks were enough to save her, unlike Stu who was voted out in the first week. A moustache does not a baker make…



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