The Great Dictators Release Music Video For ‘Killing Fields’ | Music News


Electronic rock trio The Great Dictators composed of Christoffer Hein, Jakob Lundorff and Dragut Lugalzagosi have released the video clip for their single “Killing Fields”, taken from their upcoming album One Eye Opener on April 17 via Celebration Records.


Inspired by artists such as Lee Hazlewood and Johnny Cash, the trio was created in 2011 by singer and composer Dragut Lugalzagosi, and their first songs were recorded in Dragut’s small home studio. Shortly afterwards, the band finished their debut EP When I Waltz, in collaboration with award-winning Danish producer Nikolaj Nørlund.


Since then, everything has accelerated for them. They’ve been touring across Denmark more and more, they’ve released 15 music videos, three EPs and three feature-length albums. They also created their own studio, the Deep Red Studio. That’s where they’re now recording all their sounds.


The trio likes to surf on many musical genres such as minimalist americana, dark folk, blues, country, chamber rock and from time to time, some pop ballads and acoustic black metal. No matter the genre, for them, deep emotions will always have their place in their music.


The single “Killing Fields” is an indie electronic rock track with a melancholic atmosphere. It is accompanied by a video clip composed of old fuzzy black and white images. Watch it below:




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