The Grubby Mitts – Worm Of Eternal Return | New Music


Bedford five some The Grubbby Mitts may not be known by many people, but the group, now in their 30’s, have been playing together since their early teens. The music knowledge and ability gained over that time has lead them to being able to create a song full of offbeat chimes and rattling percussion but also full of emotion and thought titled “Worm Of Eternal Return”. Rich with strange but enjoyable lyrics that you cannot help but be drawn to, including, “the Polecat of clarity, the Chaffinch of deceit, the Narwhal of singularity, the Worm of eternal return”.


In a press release, the band described “Worm Of Eternal Return” as “a cornucopia of sounds from the willfully eclectic output of the Grubby Mitts past and present. The record is deliberately incongruous, with ambient electronic pieces juxtaposed with pop songs, string quartets, spoken word and a children’s choir and school orchestra“. Have a listen to the new track below.




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